VIDEO: Time Crunch? 4 Hairstyles That Will Get You Out the Door

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I love taking time on my makeup, but when it comes to my hair, I wish I could have a stylist blow it out on command. Even if I did have my own blowout concierge, the problem is that it takes up too much time! What if you’re running late for a meeting or work? Or what if, just maybe, you don’t want to do your hair but need to look put together? That was the question we all had in mind when we decided to film this video. From my producer Lauren’s “easy beach waves” suggestion, to a “tucking cute” updo, there’s a style for (almost) every workday. Plus, I love how they each can help conceal a greasy scalp. I hate washing my hair, but unfortunately, I have to – or else my hair will look like a saturated mop on my head.

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